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  • All the information submitted above is true, accurate and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. 
  • I confirm and acknowledge that I am fully aware of the inherent risks, hazards and dangers posed to persons and property inherent in all motor driving sport, or motoring events in general. I unconditionally agree to observe all applicable traffic regulations/ law and any rules set by Bentley Owners Club Singapore. 
  • I, my heirs and successors-in title and any persons I may invite, their heirs and successors in-title all irrevocably agree to absolve and shall not hold the Bentley Owners Club Singapore, its officials, committee members and agents in any way liable or responsible for any loss, cost, expenses or damages; whether direct, indirect, consequential or damages; arising from or in connection with my participation in or observation of any event organized by the Bentley Owners Club Singapore and agree to fully indemnify and keep indemnified the Bentley Owners Club Singapore, its officials, committee members, sponsors and agents. 
  • Without derogation to the foregoing, I confirm that I will explain fully to all persons I may invite to attend, participate or observe any events organised, sanctioned or participated by Bentley Owners Club Singapore of the foregoing and that such persons have fully agreed to the above without reservation and I shall fully indemnify Bentley Owners Club Singapore, its officials, committee members and agents in the event of any claims actions or demands being brought by such persons.
  • Should be suffering from any physical or other disability whatsoever, I shall not take part in any events organised by Bentley Owners Club Singapore without prior notification of the disability to and written permission from the Bentley Owners Club Singapore officials in charge of the event.
  • I understand and agree that approving my membership application is solely at the discretion of the Bentley Owners Club Singapore committee.
  • I agree to pay an annual fee of S$350/- and one-time Entrance Fee (also called as Extra Fee) of S$100 if my membership application is approved.
  • My electronic or cheque payment will be refunded and returned to me electronically or by standard mail respectively if my application is not approved.
  • I agree to abide by the Bentley Owners Club Singapore constitution.
  • I grant Bentley Owners Club Singapore to contact me by phone or email from time to time to update me on the membership matters, events, promotions and information.
  • I grant Bentley Owners Club Singapore to disclose some or all of my personal data held by club to third party vendors and systems utilises by Bentley Owners Club Singapore, related corporations, agents, sponsors or independent contractors associated with.
  • I grant Bentley Owners Club Singapore permission to use all my and my car's photographs & videos taken or recorded during the event for the Club’s purpose.
  • I agree to abide by all rules or guidelines imposed by the Club in relation to conduct and behaviour at any events, drives or participation in any social media forums such as whatsapp, facebook, twitter, instagram, group chats, etc involving the Club and/or its members including observing, proper decorum, etiquette, decency and social graciousness. I understand and accept that the Club have sole discretion to exclude, remove or ban me and/or person introduced by me and take disciplinary action including dismissal against me.


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