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A warm welcome to the Bentley Owners Club Singapore.

When we look back at the timeline of any endeavour, there is always a starting point to which we can trace our footsteps.

Our starting point was about two years ago, when a group of Bentley car owners sharing ideals and ideas, first developed the idea of a car club celebrating this magnificent car and the rewards of ownership. We took our first steps as a PROTEM team (currently our Executive Committee) to register the Club formally under the Registry of Societies.

One of the foremost signs of a successful organisation is the ability of people to come together. Even while the registration process was ongoing, numerous Bentley owners came forward, wanting to join this wonderful community. Working with the support of like-minded people, the Executive Committee was able to provide meaningful platforms for families and individuals to interact, and we organised activities such as visiting the MAD Museum of Art & Design, a Christmas party in 2014, a Chinese New Year dinner in 2015, a drive to Singau Rengit in Johor, and several other events that have created a spirit of camaraderie and togetherness amongst our members. The Club will continue to organise programmes, events and excursions for the enjoyment of our members throughout the year, and there are many exciting moments to look forward to.

Around April 2015, our initial vision was realized and the Club was an official entity, thanks to the tireless dedication and generous contributing of their time, energy, wisdom and etc of each member of the Executive Committee, I am truly grateful.

I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to Wearnes Automotive Pte Ltd for their continuing support; we look forward to a bright future with them.

It is a ground-up, organic and truly humane interaction that makes our Club something special and different. We believe in families, enduring friendships, and making memories together. We believe in extending Bentley ownership to mean more than owning the car but sharing a certain lifestyle and mindset where we are gracious, respectful and considerate of one another while enjoying our beautiful cars and what they can do.

It is with this conviction and passion that I warmly encourage new members to join us, and to become part of a unique community in Singapore. I invite you to talk to us, give us the opportunity to listen to you, and allow us to welcome you with genuine friendship and enthusiasm. This is a Club where you can, truly, make a difference.

There is an open road ahead, filled with exciting possibilities.It is up to us to make this journey worthwhile. I sincerely hope you will be part of this.

Sincerely yours,

Dato Kuek Andy
Bentley Owners Club Singapore


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